Frequently asked Questions

Where should an aerated treatment system be installed?

Ideal in areas with high water tables, poor soil infiltration conditions, small available areas for disposal, and where the public health and environment may be at risk.

Why choose a KiwiTreat system?

Lowest running cost of any system of this type

Very low maintenance requirement

Tanks and system performance exceeds the requirements set by Standards NZ.

Easy to transport and install, due to the lightweight yet strong and durable multi-tank configuration.

No hidden Costs.

Each system is supplied with everything required, from the inlet of the septic chamber through to the end of the disposal line.

All components are suitable for the job intended. Corrosion is not an issue.

Our backup on each system is second to none.

Why Use a Venturi?

Much greater rate of introduction of oxygen. This means that the venturi only has to operate for about 20% of each day, which helps reduce running and maintenance costs substantially.

The venturi system allows the mix of air in the tank to be much more complete, and therefore effective and efficient.

If more aeration is needed at any stage, the system is easily adjustable.

Why use a multi-tank system?

Each treatment stage can be sized correctly.

There is no restriction on the size available as is the case with single tank systems.

Systems are built with long term performance being the prime objective.

Treatment processes cannot be short circuited in multi-tank systems.

Anaerobic and aerobic conditions are kept completely seperate, greatly enhancing the treatment process.