Septic tanks and treatment systems

KiwiTreat Single and Multi Septic Tanks

These injection moulded polyproplyene 3200 litre Reln septic tanks are lightweight yet extremely strong and durable.

They exceed the demands of Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 1546.1:2008.

These tanks provide large capacities for effective settlement and treatment of effluent, and can be available in ‘kit form’ for easy and economical transport to all areas.

The kit includes inlet junctions, inspection and access covers and stainless steel fixing screws, together with detailed installation and maintenance schedules.

Partitions and filters are also available.

The Bio-Filter

This is installed in the outlet tee of the septic tank. It improves the anaerobic treatment within the tank, and helps reduce the velocity of liquids from the tank, and reduce the level of suspended solids from leaving the system.

Multi-tank systems allow flexible designs to optimise each site requirement.

Also Available is:
A wide range of pumps for use in the wastewater environment.
Pump Chambers and associated control gear.