Aerated Sewage Treatment

The Materials and Equipment
The large Polypropylene tanks are injection moulded to guarantee consistant quality. These strong and durable tanks meet the demands of and are certified under the Australia/New Zealand Septic Tank Standard AS/NZS/ 1546.1,1998
The chambers are specifically designed for aerated sewage and wastewater treatment.
All other components are designed and manufactured specifically for effluent treatment and disposal.
Naturally the whole system is covered by an extensive warranty, coupled with an excellent backup service.

The Performance
Each part of the KiwiTreat system has been carefully designed and tested with performance being the prime objective.
A venturi is used to introduce into the aeration tank the oxygen required by the bacteria. This system outperforms the older technology of airpumps used in some systems.
Untreated effluent cannot short circuit the process at any time.
The multi-tank modular design allows unrestricte size and configurations, to match the aerated sewage treatment requirements. The large tanks provide increased retention times at each stage to ensure a high level of treatment can be obtained.

The Safety Features
The man-hole lids of the tanks are fixed with stainless steel screws to prevent entry by young children.
The system monitors:
-Liquid levels in the tanks.
-Pump Performances.
-Aeration Performance
-Disposal line Performance

This aerated sewage and wastewater treatment system is robust and extremely economical to run.


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